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How was Secondista born?

Being a grown up is not easy. Being a grown up woman is even harder. There are too many things to do. For a woman like me, the hardest challenge is to look good while doing those non-stop daily routines. Back then, I was a fashion stylist. Trust me, it is not a fabulous and easy job like you think where all stylists dress up nicely and do nothing. Fashion stylists have to run around to check out the latest collections from local designers and global brands to find what are suitable for the next photoshoot then borrow those items, prepare those items for the photoshoot, take really good care of them and return them to the shops. So to be good-looking while working was not always an option. Stylists look best at events, not at photoshoots.

However, I always wanted to look great and own a designer handbag to make a statement for my outfit. Why a bag? A bag is a must have item for every woman to hold all her belongings. And a nice bag will help her stand out. Unfortunately, brand new luxury handbags were not for everybody. Their price sometimes could be as triple as an average income of a woman. Being a mother and a wife, I didn't think spending a thousand bucks on a handbag is reasonable. Just the thought of owning one made me feel guilty already. You could find nice clothes with affordable price but to find a great quality bag without spending a fortune is not easy at all. I had to find a solution.

One day, I fell in love with vintage items and found out that there were so many vintage items from my favourite designers that cost much less expensive. Sometimes they cost 3 times less expensive. Moreover, some of these items were discontinued which made them even more valuable and made my style more unique. I found the answer for my problem. And Secondista was born.

What does Secondista mean?

Secondista is a combination of "second" in secondhand and the suffix -ista. The suffix -ista is added to words to form nouns denoting one who follows a principle. In this case, it's about someone that loves secondhand products. If fashionista is someone that loves fashion, Secondista is the one that loves secondhand goods with unique styles.

My discovery was that any woman could easily own a designer handbag by buying a vintage bag or a pre-owned bag. Because it's not brand new so the price could be much less than the new one. That way we would not feel guilty while still giving ourselves the pleasure of possessing a designer handbag. Moreover, there are many models that were discontinued so sometimes you will be the only woman in your neighborhood that carry that special bag. Nobody else could have the same bag as you do. Isn't it fabulous? To be good-looking and original at the same time? It's awesome!

My mission is to bring affordable but unique, interesting designed pieces to every woman so that we all could look pretty. That is not all. As a mother and a customer to many other services myself, I do know what we expect from a service, I understand exactly what the customers really need. Therefore, I will try my best to offer you the best service available. If I ever failed to make you feel good about Secondista's service, please please please let me know and I promise to try my best to make you feel better. Who can understand a customer better than herself? 

Ladies, thank you so much for spending your precious time with me and my passion. I will be here to help you in the journey of finding your authentic favorite designer handbag.

From Secondista with love.